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What Exactly Is Home Infusion Therapy?

Home infusion therapy is a type of medical treatment where patients will be given nutrients, medications, and therapeutic agents intravenously whilst in their homes, instead of in a medical facility. Infusion treatment is needed for patients that are unable to be treated using oral medications or injections. Specially trained nurses will give home infusion, however, caregivers and patients are sometimes allowed to give treatments once they are trained by a professional.

Patients will take this therapy at home better than in medical centers, and some can continue living normal lives while still receiving this treatment. Home infusion is cheaper than in-patient medical infusions for patients and insurance companies alike. Candidates for this type of therapy include anyone needing intravenous treatment to fight cancer, malnutrition, AIDs, gastrointestinal diseases, infections, dehydration, heart disease, hemophilia, bone marrow inflammation, and for pain management.

Home infusion treatment professionals will be a physician, a trained nurse, and a support medical and administrative person. Infusion pumps, medications, and other associated supplies will be given by the pharmacy. Apart from administering infusions, home health care nurses will educate their patients on the nature of the illness being treated; monitor every part of the infusion process, and train health care providers and patients on how to self-administrated medications when necessary.

Before the introduction of this in 1980, patients that needed infusion therapy had to visit hospitals as in-patients and remain there for the duration of their treatment program. This not only proved to be expensive, it also prevented patients from leading normal and active lives. As the pressure started to mount on health care organizations regarding overheads, and as technology advanced, this industry created new ways for out-patient and in-home infusion medications to be offered.

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